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We have been engaged in photography since 2012. Have held more than 600 successful photo sessions in Nikolaev, Ukraine and around the world.
Our advantages


The cost of all services is the best value for money. Tariffs are formed taking into account the maximum needs of the customer

Experience over 5 years

Experience, skills and knowledge that allow you to work effectively with any type of lighting and psychological state of a person

Real emotions

I always strive to display sincere emotions and real feelings. I create an emphasis on important details, interesting points and strengths


I carry out photography not only in the territory of Nikolaev and the region, but also ready for business trips both throughout Ukraine and anywhere in the world


I do not keep waiting for 2 months of finished photos. It will take me 2-3 weeks to complete the order, without loss of quality in the pictures

All photos go through several stages of processing before they fall into the hands of clients: selection, cropping, color correction and retouching
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Types of services of a professional photographer

Most likely, you are right now looking for a professional photographer in Nikolaev to take photographs. But how do you make a choice? There are a number of basic types of photography that a photographer provides:

The most popular and demanded is wedding photography. I conduct it in the form of a pre-wedding Love Story, and in case the client wants to get reportage photos from the banquet part, I will send my 2nd photographer to this part.

No less popular is family photography, which can include children's photography. This is a very popular form of service among young families with newborn babies.
The next in a row, but not in importance, can be noted such shooting as an individual photo session. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the customer can be either one or several people.

Love Story photo session is the most romantic form of photography for a couple in love. Its main difference from a wedding photo session is that there are only 2 main characters in it - lovers, and nothing distracts them.

Photo session for pregnant women. It is in this genre that all the tenderness and trepidation of the girl in relation to herself is especially felt. I like to convey this emotion through the lens of photography.

And the Fashion photo session completes our list. Fashion photography can be considered a subcategory of an individual photo session, which is aimed at realizing a creative idea. The main emphasis in it will be an extraordinary image created by stylists and makeup artists.
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